Mission critical applications are the driving force behind any government project. Because of this, Future Technologies is very selective on which products we include in our designs with the understanding that not only should these products meet the certifications laid out by the government but they must also be built to last and to withstand any environment they may encounter. High levels of encryption such as 256 bit AES and FIPS 140-2 are incorporated into many of our products.
Use Cases

Robust tactical cases used in combat, range, and training scenarios

Austere environment networks, powered by wind and solar

Technology Solutions

Private Cellular Networks - LTE / 4G /5G

WiFi & Mesh Solutions

Licensed Microwave - PtMP

Backhaul of LMR Networks

Fiber Network & Switch Solutions

Satellite Backhaul

Professional Services

Network Engineering & Design

Radio Frequency Design

Backhaul Planning

Site Development

FCC Licensing

Smart Supply Chain

Project Management

Hardware/Equipment Procurement

Microwave Installation

Fixed Wireless Broadband Installation

Field Deployment Services

Network Integration

Operations & Maintenance Support and Training

Hardware Solutions

Cell On Wheels (COW)

Tactical Tower

Ruggedized Tablets, Handsets, and Laptops