November 7, 2023

Press Release: Future Technologies & Founder Nino Canu Announce Partnership Update


Mr. Canu leaves a legacy of passion, work ethic and vision to the future. His contributions over the past 24 years have molded the company to its current state and provided the foundation for the future of the company to build upon.

Suwanee, GA, November 7, 2023Future Technologies Venture, LLC (“Future Technologies”) today announced that Founder, Nino Canu, has exited the partnership as of September 30, 2023.

Nino Canu organized the foundational business plan and formed the company in 1999 through the initial investment of Great American Ventures, LLC (John Snodgrass, Scott McCullars). The original focus of the company was to design and deploy VSAT solutions for network transformations. Mr. Canu structured strategic contracts with Hughes Systems and Gilat which resulted in over 10,000 systems successfully designed and deployed to some of the largest enterprise customers in the country.

In 2003, the company evolved to add Fixed Wireless and Wi-Fi to extend these V-SAT solutions to solve a broader range of customer use cases. Through innovation, Mr. Canu and team integrated these technologies into Deployable Tactical Case solutions for rapid deployment, expanding Future Technologies into a new market to support Disaster Recovery. These deployable broadband solutions have been utilized to support critical disaster recovery efforts, including Tsunamis, Hurricanes, Earthquakes and Forest Fires.

After the tragic events of 9/11, Future Technologies evolved the deployable solutions to support the United State DoD, including military grade encryption. These military grade deployable broadband solutions blended the best of available technologies to include Satellite, Fixed Broadband, Wi-Fi and Cisco Voice and Video Call Systems. These solutions enabled our military customers to Test & Train prior to deployment and subsequently support in-theater deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan. These end-to-end communications systems enabled critical front-line communications for our warfighters.

In 2008, Mr. Canu made the strategic decision to diversify the company into the enterprise markets through the hiring of Peter Cappiello and Kyle Purintun. The initial focus was to diversify through the adoption of “new” advanced technologies Wi-MAX and Licensed Microwave for new customers. This decision proved out as the company quickly won a contract to build a first of its kind Private Network solution in 2008. The project included the build out of a transport (licensed microwave) and Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) Wi-MAX solution in the Gulf of Mexico for Oil & Gas production. This solution provides high capacity backhaul from Shore-to-Platform, Platform-to-Platform and then a wireless access network to additional platforms and service boats. This high-speed broadband solution enabled advanced use cases at the time, including Connected Worker, Remote Worker, and Industrial Automation. These use cases were not possible through legacy Satellite connections.

Under Mr. Canu’s leadership, the company continued to diversify its professional services capabilities into the Public Network Service Provider space with the 4G modernization projects. This started with a network modernization in the US Virgin Islands in 2009 to upgrade a legacy network with high-speed licensed microwave solution from Dragonwave and 3G/4G cellular solution. This capability expanded into the United States market on a larger project related to the T-Mobile Modernization project. Future Technologies was a strategic supplier in the Southeast market and delivered over 2,000 sites on this project through its entire life cycle. Over the years Future Technologies helped Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, Dish and AT&T modernize their networks from 3G to present day 5G deployments over X,000’s of sites. Future Technologies evolved its capabilities to be a full end -to-end services partner to include Site Development, Project Management, Construction Management, Ground Civils, Tower Civils, Microwave, Fiber, Integration and Day 2 Support Services.

In 2011, Future Technologies decided to expand their go-to-market further through the hiring of Dave Rumore (Partner) and Chris Cappiello (CSO).  Dave Rumore quickly contributed to the advancement of the company by securing the company’s first Private Cellular (3G) contract. Through this new opportunity, Future Technologies took their public network experience and applied those learnings to designing and delivering Private Cellular networks for their clients utilizing 2G, 3G and 4G solutions to enable mission critical applications. Through these projects Future Technologies established itself as a leader in the Private Network marketplace and continues to today through advanced Fixed/Mobile Broadband and Private 5G Solutions.

Over the past 12 years the company has organically grown their domain expertise into many critical vertical markets such as Chemical, Oil & Gas, Utility, Rail, Ports and Service Provider. The company has recruited and retained top market talent to drive the organization forward to the FUTURE - Robert Justice (CTO), Ian Chan (President), Gary Hill (COO), Deepa Jagannatha (Head of Engineering), Eric Dalton (Head of Pre-Sales), Paul Ruddy (CIO), Taylor Juska (Head of Marketing), Val Sciortino (Head of Site Development), Robert Vergona (Head of Project Management), Nelson Barber (Head of Field Services), Scotty Waters (Head of Health & Safety) and Malcheline Holguin (Controller).

This focus has translated to over 500 customers and over 150,000 wireless site deployments to enabling network transformation, advanced use cases and positive business outcomes. This includes several large Private 5G deployments, outdoor Field Area Networks more than 3,000 square miles each, and in-building solutions as large as 5,000,000 square feet for advanced use cases such as Drones, AR/VR, Industrial Automation and Autonomous Mobile Robots. Through these efforts, Future Technologies has established itself as a Trusted Partner in each of these niche communities with unique domain knowledge to help our customers solve their current and future network transformation problem statements.

Mr. Canu leaves a legacy of passion, work ethic and vision to the future. His contributions over the past 24 years have molded the company to its current state and provided the foundation for the future of the company to build upon.

Please come out and see Mr. Canu at our annual Technology Summit on November 14, 2023 to celebrate his contribution to Future Technologies and the market as a whole. Please also feel free to reach out to Mr. Canu on LinkedIn.

From the Future Technologies Family, we would like to say a big THANK YOU to Nino for his years of hard work, passion and commitment to leading us.

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