February 27, 2019

Planning Private Wireless Network Deployments in a Controlled Environment

Future Technologies was happy to host one of our large multi-national Oil and Gas customers for a 2-day technical workshop to discuss best practices for connectivity in their digital oil fields with a Cambium Networks solution. Through Future Technologies’ investment into our state-of-the-art lab and training center (pictured below), we were able to duplicate the end-customer’s licensed microwave (Cambium PTP820C-HP) and point-to-multipoint wireless solution (Cambium Medusa).  

 FT is uniquely positioned to combine theory/classroom training, detailed network planning, best practices and hands on installation training all at one location. As a result of this capability we are able to work with our customers to discuss the whole deployment lifecycle including:


·         Conceptual Network Design

·         RF Planning

·         Detailed Network Design / Configuration Planning

·         Project Planning / Schedule Creation

·         Installation Standards Document Creation

·         Close Out Package Document Creation

·         Network Testing Procedures

Spending a couple of days virtually in the customer’s network as a team allows us to be more aware of requirements, issues and challenges.  Working together in a controlled environment to PLAN & EXECUTE project objectives is the most efficient way to achieve the desired results, which is a high performance, reliable and secure network.

Taylor Juska