June 14, 2021

Cambium XIRRUS to WIFI 6 Trade Up Program

Cambium launched the below buy back program.

As a Xirrus customer, you know the advantages a high-performance Wi-Fi network provides. In 2019, Xirrus was acquired by Cambium Networks. Since then, the organizations have combined forces to developed industry-leading Wi-Fi 6 solutions.

Take advantage of Cambium’s Wi-Fi 6 offerings with the Xirrus Trade Up to W-fi 6 Promotion!

Many benefits are available to you by trading in you existing XR-series products to the XV-series Wi-Fi 6:

  • Discounts on new Cambium XV-series Wi-Fi 6 solutions

  • The latest, standards-compliant Wi-Fi 6 technology

  • Compatibility with existing Xirrus functionality, including EasyPass with Microsoft/Google integration, Application Control, L2-L7 Policy Engine, and more

  • Flexible management options, including cloud, on-premises, and mobile

Future Tech recommends buying these new APs with one of Cambium’s cnMatrix Switches. Their Policy Automation feature allows you to plug in any AP, Camera, PTP radio, etc into any port and it automatically recognizes what its communicating with.

Promotions Ends December 31, 2022!

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Taylor Juska