September 16, 2020

#TeamFutureTech Award: 2020 Q2 Health & Safety Award

The Director of Health & Safety, Scotty Waters, would like to present the Q2 Health and Safety award to our Civil Crew #2!

This crew has worked with heavy equipment every day, installing 80,000lbs shelters, building foundations, trenching, pouring concrete. They are also running power and fiber all while working around open trenches.

Lots of moving parts and pieces going on with this scope of work, and these guys haven’t had one first aid incident reported. That’s saying a lot considering working with and around heavy equipment, open foundations and trenches each day.

There are a lot of hazards that goes along with this type of work. The crew is having to stop traffic while cranes are coming off the main road onto the site.

Without working on a road construction crew before, these guys fully understand how to safely work with moving traffic.

Awesome job guys! Keep up the GREAT WORK!

Q2 Health and Safety Blog.jpg

Taylor Juska