March 22, 2019

Introducing Sierra Wireless’ RV55

Sierra Introduces their RV55 which can be used in both fixed and mobile applications. The LTE-A Pro (CAT12) device supports 600Mbps/150Mbps (DL/UL) along with optional dual serial inputs to help connect to legacy equipment.

The inherent GNSS that allows for precision location tracking and the Dual WiFi option makes this a great fit for many mobility applications. Compound that with the Dual Sim capabilities and Class I Div2 certification makes the RV55 the best compact ruggedized option to keep your mobile workforce connected.

These same modems can easily be used for fixed applications as well such as SCADA, well head automation, track side, flow meters, traffic control, intelligent signange among many others.

Manage all of these devices over a single pain of glass using Sierra’s Airlink Management Service. ALMS enables over-the-air registration, configuration and software updates across all of their Airlink gateways and routers.

Future Tech will plan, stage and pre-configure these modems for you to allow for quick efficient installs while avoiding DOAs and other issues causing down time on site.

Taylor Juska