January 22, 2019

How does EVP/CRO, Dave Rumore, answer the question, “What is it you do?”


“What is it you do?” 

I often get asked this question at trade shows and other venues.  If you look at our website and some of our marketing materials, I’m not surprised when I’m asked this because we do a lot!  Being an end-to-end systems integrator requires us to be subject matter experts across multiple markets and technologies. 

Today’s complex networks require expertise in many areas that just a few years ago were not factors (private LTE is a good example).  When you participate in as many markets as we do (Utility, Oil & Gas, Rail, Federal, Mining, Service Provider, etc.), and provide all the solutions we provide, it is easy for the message of our mission to get lost. 

My simple answer to “What is it you do?” is, we solve problems.  Is there something that your company doesn’t want to do, doesn’t know how to do or can’t do cost effectively?  Talk to us.  We’ve got a world class team we will put to work for you. 

We solve problems.  

Taylor Juska