January 23, 2018

The Future Is Bright: Elle Mark Sebastian

The Future Is Bright…. Elle Mark Sebastian

At Future Tech we are always looking at the “Future” and trying to develop our employees to meet the demands of tomorrow, today.

Elle Mark is a team member that has been working for our Supply Chain Management Division doing Stage and Prepping. In this role, Elle Mark is able to work in a controlled environment to help the company take unfinished/raw materials and convert them to a form of finished product.

Benefits of Program:

  1. DEVELOPMENT – This role allows the company to train new employees the basic principles of our business and integrate them into our company culture.
  2. PREP – Convert raw materials to a  pre-fabricated state. This creates an assembly line approach and reduces our time on site for the construction crew members.
  3. TESTING – Pre-test equipment to baseline system performance (Sweeps, PIMs, Screen Shots)
  4. QUALITY – All work is reviewed by FT Project Controls Division to ensure quality standards are met.
  5. TRAINING – Training in a controlled environment



Taylor Juska