April 18, 2017

Massive MU-MIMO makes Massive Capacity with Minimal Channels (20MHz) a Reality


Growing capacity demands are universal. There is no one end user that can honestly say their bandwidth needs are not increasing. This leaves integrators like ourselves looking for products that can solve capacity needs today but also plan for the Future. With Cambium’s Medusa you may just have that radio. Boasting incredible spectral efficiency which allows it to reach over 400Mbps in a 20Mhz channel size is really ground-breaking stuff. Most RF environments make it difficult to find 40MHz of clean spectrum, let alone 80MHz. So being able to get over 400 Mbps in a 20 MHz channel is crucial for most customers who see the same RF challenges.

Future proof?… Good question. What happens when you need even more capacity?…. Even better question.

An important aspect of radios that are future proof is the ability to software upgrade to meet changing requirements. Ripping out old hardware for new is not cost efficient and takes a lot of time and planning. So make sure to choose equipment that has the ability to software upgrade as well as update firmware remotely. The later makes it easier for manufacturers to push firmware revisions to their customers.

So what’s in the works for Cambium’s Medusa? We suppose they will release a firmware later this year for larger channel sizes. Maybe somewhere in the 25, 30, even 45 range but we shall see… Cliffhanger.


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Taylor Juska