November 29, 2016

Jump on Board JET AIR


There’s a Jet for everyone

As capacity demands are ever increasing in Enterprise Networks there is still need for residential multipoint products with lower total cost of ownership. In this case one shoe doesn’t fit all and this is why Radwin has opened up the portfolio to incorporate products that fit each specific business case.


Residential networks are Jumping on JET AIR

With the release of Radwin’s new JET AIR base stations and subscribers residential service providers are jumping on board in droves. The JET AIR utilizes the same beamforming antennas that allows for increased interference mitigation that you have come to expect from a Radwin base station. By employing the standard residential market Best Effort subscriber service levels Radwin was able to keep the total hardware costs down on the JET AIR making it a perfect for these networks.


Starter Kits at a Discount

To get you started Radwin is offering an additional 15% off MSRP on your first JET AIR Purchase until 3/31/17.

Taylor Juska