October 8, 2015

Weather-Hardened Microwave Network Backhaul


At present, new application requirements for public safety agencies are driving backhaul capacity to greater levels. To meet these requirements, the initiation of dedicated 700MHz LTE spectrum is playing a very important role. Adopting the dynamic 700MHz LTE network coverage allows public safety agencies to accommodate various data intensive applications including video surveillance, high speed internet access, video conferencing and IP voice services. All of these services help ensure that public safety agencies’ can enhance their performance, security, and timing/accuracy.

There are different challenges to overcome for current outdoor-based public safety infrastructure systems. Firstly, the all-IP infrastructure provides a common base for inter-agency communication. Currently, modern IP-based radios can arrange solutions from 10 Mbps to multi-Gbps, which covers the safety network’s capacity and ensures end-to-end communication for numerous critical applications.

Other components of outdoor-based public safety infrastructure systems, such as security cameras, secure Wi-Fi access points, and LTE, can be placed on non-telecom infrastructure (i.e., traffic lights, street lights, bill board stands, etc.).

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Taylor Juska